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Planning your session

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I always try to keep my sessions fun and relaxed. I strongly believe that what makes my clients come back again and again is the fun and enjoyable experience they get during our time together as much as the beautiful photographs they get. I like to get to know my clients and capture their true personalities and this is why I always arrange for a consultation first, whether in person or on the phone.

Please feel free to bring your child’s favourite toy. Sometimes the best shots are of your child being herself, and in years to come it will be lovely to remember how much she loved this little cuddly toy. It is also a good idea to bring your child’s favourite snack (Did you hear “bribe”? No, I definitely said “snack” 😉 ) But don’t worry if you forgot, I always have some raisins and other healthy goodies on hand to keep little ones going!

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I do not watch the clock when I take your photographs. Small children often need breaks and we will follow their lead. Parents often worry that their child will not cooperate. That’s ok! I never expect children to arrive and smile on demand. It is normal for toddlers to have tantrums or just not want their photo taken. I don’t force anything, because it probably wouldn’t give you the memories you are after. Instead, I take my time, get to know them and let them get familiar with me and my camera. If it takes a little longer than we planned, that’s absolutely fine. This is the beauty of custom photography. 

Taking my time also applies to newborn sessions. Infants will need breaks to feed, be changed or just have some cuddles. Again this is entirely to be expected and this should not worry you at all.


When trying to show off your bump, the most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing. We will discuss beforehand what type of images you would like (Studio, outdoor) and discuss what to wear. Most mums choose to wear jeans, ideally pre-baby ones (even if you can’t do them up) and fitted tops.

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I also have a collection of maternity gowns and draping fabrics which you can borrow if you would like. These are very popular with expectant mums!

Newborn Sessions

I have an extensive prop selection for my newborn clients, so there is no need to bring anything for your baby unless you have special items you would like photographed with your baby.

I will send you a full guide on how to prepare for your newborn session, including a what to wear section and which foods mum should avoid ahead of the session if baby is breastfed.

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As a general guide and as you can see in my portfolio, babies are generally photographed nude or with wraps or nappy covers. For parents I recommend simple black or white tops. If you have had your maternity session with me, we can also re-use some of my maternity dresses for a beautiful before and after. If dads are feeling brave, baring their chest always look stylish and timeless with a newborn nesting against them.

I recommend that you also bring a change of clothes to your newborn session. The room is kept really warm so that your newborn is comfortable naked, so you will most likely be very hot. It is quite common for little accidents to happen with a naked baby, so a spare tee shirt may come handy!

Babies and Children

Having discussed with you colour schemes, choice of outfits and your aims for the session, I will prepare up to 3 different set ups for your little one’s photographs. I also supply a range of props and outfits, such as headbands, nappy covers and frilly rompers .

If you have a special theme in mind, please do let me know.

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The key to timeless photographs is to have coordinated but not matching outfits. The best way to decide on everyone’s outfit is to choose on key item of clothing – for example your little’s shirt – and work a colour scheme from there. Try and choose 2 key colours and a neutral tone and work all of the outfits around this colour scheme. Try and avoid logos and busy patterns. I will provide more advice on this in your Session Guide which you will receive once you have booked.

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