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I am so pleased to now be able to offer all my wonderful mums the opportunity to start their own BABY REGISTRY with me that others can contribute to.

 Molly013-copyWhat is My Baby’s


My Baby’s Registry is our new complimentary gift registry service for expecting parents in Bath and Bristol. The Baby Registry will allow your friends and family to gift you your newborn photography session or credits towards professional photographs and/or products.

Whilst most new parents are very grateful to be gifted baby items, one is never sure what will be useful until baby is here. They are only this small for a little while; They will quickly outgrow the flurry of tiny babysuits new parents usually receive. My Baby’s Registry service allows family and friends to gift you something that is truly meaningful and memorable and that will be cherished for years to come.

There’s no minimum to what people can contribute and the amount you receive can be used over any session – newborn, sitter or first birthday, or all of them! – and any frame, album or digital images you’d like as a keepsake of your baby’s beginning.

How does it work?

1. Expectant parents-to-be contact me first to reserve their newborn session and set up their registry*. Friends and family are welcome to set this up for an expectant couple if they wish.

2. Friends and family visit the My Baby Registry webpage and complete the form to purchase a gift certificate.

3. Expectant parents are either informed directly of the gift or if they prefer, a gorgeous gift certificate will be sent to the gift giver to give at the baby shower or after baby is born directly to the expectant parents-to-be.

4. The parents-to-be apply their gift certificates towards their session, prints, products, and/or future sessions with me.

*Session retainer of £50 is required to reserve your due date in my calendar.


Please contact Marina at for additional details.

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